Sundaram R M


Time is a constant
It continuously moves
At the same pace
it has no other moves

Some want to kill it
while some want to save it
some don't have enough of it
while some have run out of it

For some it passes slowly
and for some, it's an eternal wait
Some have forgotten time
and some remember every second of it

Time is in seconds, minutes and hours
Also, days, months and years
Time is also in moments
when we breathe our excitement and fears

Time is no one's enemy
Time is not a friend
Time is not owned by Jeremy
He has none to lend

Time is a constant
It continuously moves
we seem to live in lost time
even though it is ahead of us



A house party

Yesterday left me vacant
I was around people
Drinks were flowing easily
As did the conversations
To not much sense
Definitely, to not much meaning
We were all participating
In a triumphant social gaiety
It reflected badly on us
That we had to escape sobriety
We set an environment to familiarise
Much like the cawing crows
We exchanged words and thoughts
But had not even thought through ourselves
We often get lost in what we want to be
Not paying attention to what we are
The attempt to fit in groups
Is the death of thoughts to spare
Feeling other human beings
Feeding off their thoughts
Left me more hungry
With shallowness and remorse